General rules:
  • Take notice and act according to the directional signs, traffic signs and road markings, etc.
  • Look out for cyclists and motorcyclists and give them room
  • Look out for long vehicles which may encroach upon the adjacent lane, when driving through a roundabout
  • Must turn left at the entrance to a roundabout

When approaching a roundabout :
  • Reduce your speed
  • Decide as early as possible which exit you need to take
  • Get into the correct lane
  • Beware of the speeds and positions of all traffic around you
When approaching a roundabout

When entering a roundabout :
  • Give way to traffic on your right in the roundabout (unless road markings indicate otherwise)
  • Look out for traffic already in the roundabout
  • Give way to vehicles circulating in roundabout
  • Do not enter a roundabout if the traffic is blocked
When entering a roundabout

Once in a roundabout :
  • Look out for and show consideration to other vehicles crossing in front of you, especially those intending to leave by the next exit
  • Be cautious when you are passing an exit or intend to leave by the next exit
  • When involving lane changing, observe the traffic in front of and behind you, use direction indicators and change lane when it is safe to do so
  • Signal left when you are about to leave the roundabout
  • If you miss the selected exit, continue to circle around the roundabout until you reach that exit again and leave the roundabout

Suggested routes to drive through a roundabout :
Here are some suggested routes on driving through a roundabout with two lanes at the entrance
(unless directed otherwise by traffic signs or road markings):


Suggested route
(Applicable to conventional and spiral roundabouts)

Turning left

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Turning right

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Going straight ahead
(Driving on inner lane)

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Going straight ahead
(Driving on outer lane)

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