Promotion banner of the Safe Driving and Health Campaign
Kicking off the Safe Driving and Health Campaign 2024, the Transport Department presents "Miss FIT", the commercial vehicle supervisor, to share comprehensive information on safe driving and health both online and off. Commercial vehicle drivers are invited to watch out for our promotional truck that may come their way any time to remind them of our five key messages this year: "Be positive and manage your stress in time", "Beware of blind spots", "Driving attentively and courteously", "Keep a safe following distance and don't change lanes carelessly" and "Keep healthy with regular body checks".

In addition to staying tuned to our social media pages, commercial vehicle drivers are welcome to enjoy the free health check service provided by the Transport Department. What's more, do grab the chance to win prizes from the promotional game on our Facebook page. Do drive in a FIT way!

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Registration of free health check for commercial drivers
The QR code for registration for free health checks for commercial vehicle drivers