Transport Department - Traffic Notices

Traffic Advice

Temporary Arrangements of Parking Spaces
on Kau Pui Lung Road and Maidstone Lane, To Kwa Wan

        Motorists are advised that in connection with the construction of Shatin to Central Link, the following temporary arrangements of parking spaces will be implemented from 10.00 a.m. on 3 November 2012 to 5.00 p.m. on 16 April 2018:

(a) The motorcycle parking spaces on Kau Pui Lung Road near Maidstone Lane will be relocated 20 metres southward.

(b) The two bus metered parking spaces on Kau Pui Lung Road opposite House No. 91 will be relocated 60 metres southward.

(c) The 2 metered parking spaces nos. 8448A and 8448B in Maidstone Lane will be suspended.

(d) The 12 metered parking spaces nos. 8344B, 8345A, 8345B, 8349A, 8349B, 8350A, 8350B, 8351A, 8351B, 8352A, 8352B and 8353B on Kau Pui Lung Road will be suspended.

        Appropriate traffic signs will be set up on site to guide motorists.