Prohibited Zone in Ocean Park Road Bus Terminus

      In exercise of the powers vested in me under regulation 14(1)(a) of the Road Traffic (Traffic Control) Regulations, Chapter 374, I hereby direct that with effect from 10.00 am on 6 January 2017, the Ocean Park Road Bus Terminus will be designated as prohibited zone 24 hours daily.

      Drivers of all motor vehicles, except franchised buses, public light buses (scheduled service) and those with permits issued by the Commissioner for Transport, will be prohibited from driving any vehicles into this bus terminus 24 hours daily. The exact boundary of the terminus is delineated by hatching on the drawing sown in the Schedule.

      The extent of the prohibited zone will be indicated by appropriate traffic signs.

    At the same time, the prohibited zone in Ocean Park Road Bus Terminus as gazette under G.N. 4680 on 11 July 2008 will be rescinded.

Ocean Park Road Bus Terminus



YEUNG HO Poi-yan, Ingrid Commissioner for Transport