Traffic Advice

Service Adjustments of CTB Route Nos. 629, 629A and 629S

        Members of the public are advised that the service of CTB route nos. 629 (Admiralty (West)/ Central (Star Ferry Pier/ Exchange Square) – Ocean Park), 629A (Ocean Park to Central (Exchange Square)) and 629S (Admiralty (West) to Ocean Park (Tai Shue Wan)) will be adjusted with effect from 11 January 2017 (Wednesday).  Details are as follows:

        (i) To maintain five uni-directional departures of CTB route no. 629 operating from Central (Star Ferry Pier) to Ocean Park (via Exchange Square and Admiralty) between 9:30 a.m. and 11:30 a.m. daily; and

        (ii) Cancellation of CTB route nos. 629A and 629S.

        Affected passengers may use MTR or existing bus services.  Notices will be displayed at the bus stops and inside bus compartments by bus company to inform passengers of the above service arrangements.