Transport Department - Traffic Notices

Traffic Advice

Traffic Arrangements in San Po Kong

        Members of the public are advised that a new roundabout at the junction of Luk Hop Street and Sze Mei Street will be opened with effect from 10.00 am on 4 February 2017. At the same time, the following traffic arrangements will be implemented in San Po Kong:-

(a) the section of Luk Hop Street between Tsat Po Street and Sze Mei Street will be converted from one-way traffic northbound traffic to two-way traffic;

(b) the section of Sze Mei Street between Luk Hop Street and Ng Fong Street will be converted from one-way southbound traffic to two-way traffic; and

(c) all vehicles will be prohibited from making left-turn movements from Luk Hop Street southbound into Tsat Po Street.

        Motorists on Luk Hop Street southbound heading for Tsat Po Street will be diverted via Luk Hop Street southbound, roundabout, Luk Hop Street northbound and Tsat Po Street.

        Appropriate traffic signs will be erected on site to guide motorists.