Transport Department - Traffic Notices

Traffic Advice

Service Adjustment of KMB Route Nos. 3M and 3P

     Members of the public are advised that with effect from 29 April 2017 (Saturday), KMB Route No. 3P (Choi Wan - Tsz Wan Shan (South)) will cease operations and KMB Route No. 3M (Choi Wan - Tsz Wan Shan (North)) will introduce special departures from Choi Wan Bus Terminus to Tsz Wan Shan (South) Bus Terminus from 6.55 am to 7.55 am on Mondays to Fridays (except public holidays and school holidays).

     Passengers can use the special departures of KMB Route No. 3M (Choi Wan - Tsz Wan Shan (South)) to travel from Choi Wan to Tsz Wan Shan (South) during morning peak; and can use KMB Route No. 3D (Tsz Wan Shan (Central) - Kwun Tong (Yue Man Square)) or KMB Route No. 3M to travel between Choi Wan and Tsz Wan Shan.

     Notices will be put up by bus company at bus stops and inside bus compartment to advise passengers of the above arrangement.