Traffic Advice


Service Adjustment of Cross Harbour Route No. 108


             Members of the public are advised that with effect from 17 September 2017, Cross Harbour Route No. 108 will have the following service adjustment:


(1)  Bus Diversion

The following bus diversion will be implemented from the first departure on 17 September 2017:

Route No.




Diversion before resuming to current routeing




To Kai Tak



via Prince Edward Road East eastbound, the temporary road leading to Sze Mei Street roundabout, Luk Hop Street westbound, Tsat Po Street westbound, Kai San Road southbound, Concorde Road and Shing Kai Road southbound.

 (2)  Addition of Bus Stop

In connection with the above bus diversion, a bus stop will be added at Concorde Road near Trade and Industry Tower with effect from 5.30 a.m. of 17 September 2017.


The bus company will put up notices to advise passengers of the above arrangements.