Transport Department - Traffic Notices

Traffic Advice

Extension of Temporary Traffic Arrangements on Shing Ho Road and Chik Chuen Street, Tai Wai

        Motorists are advised that to facilitate the decking over works of Tai Wai Nullah, the following temporary traffic arrangements will continue to be implemented from 10.00 am on 3 November 2017 to 10.00 am on 3 August 2018:

(I)  Temporary re-provision for motorcycle parking spaces

        5 number of the motorcycle parking spaces on Shing Ho Road near the refuse collection point have been temporarily suspended. Affected motorists are advised to use the 4 number of motorcycle parking spaces on Chik Chuen Street opposite to On Fu Mansion, which will continue to be re-provided during the above period.

(II)  Temporary prohibited zone for vehicles exceeding 8 metres in length

        During the above period, all vehicles exceeding 8 metres in length will continue to be temporarily prohibited from entering the access road leading from Chik Chuen Street to the meter parking spaces.

        Appropriate traffic signs have been erected on site to guide motorists.