Transport Department - Traffic Notices

Transport Department Notice

Temporary Traffic Arrangements in Tai Po

        Notice is hereby given that to facilitate the holding of the Mizuno Hong Kong Half-Marathon Championships, the following road sections will be temporarily closed to all traffic from 6.00 am to 9.30 am on 10 December 2017 (Sunday):

1.  The section of Ting Kok Road between Tai Mei Tuk Road and Mei Wu Road;

2.  The section of Bride's Pool Road between Ting Kok Road and Bride’s Pool Barbecue Area; and

3.  The section of Tai Mei Tuk Road south of its junction with the entrance to Tai Mei Tuk Bus Terminus.

        Drivers of all motor vehicles, except emergency vehicles and those authorised by police officers on site, will be prohibited from driving into the above closed roads.

        Appropriate traffic signs will be erected and police officers will be on site to guide the public.

CHAN Mable Commissioner for Transport