Temporary Traffic and Transport Arrangements on Tai Hang Drive, Tai Hang

        Members of the public are advised that to facilitate the water mains works, the following temporary traffic and transport arrangements will be implemented from about 8.00 am on 11 July 2018 to 6.00 pm on 31 August 2018:

(a)    Traffic Diversion

The section of Tai Hang Drive between Gold Ning Mansion and Tai Hang Drive Playground will be temporarily converted as one lane for two-way traffic.

(b)    Relocation of Green Minibus Stop

The stop of green minibus route 21M at Tai Hang Drive opposite to Gold Ning Mansion will be temporarily relocated forward for about 15 metres.

        Appropriate traffic signs will be erected on site to guide motorists. The public transport operator will display notices to advise passengers of the above temporary arrangements.