Temporary Traffic and Transport Arrangement on Nam Long Shan Road

  Members of the public are advised that to facilitate water mains works, the bus lane on Nam Long Shan Road southbound near Heung Yip Road eastbound will be temporarily closed from 9pm on 20 August 2018 to 6am of the following day, and from 9pm to 6am of the following day daily between 28 August 2018 and 11 September 2018.

  Affected vehicles (including Citybus Route Nos. 71, 72A, 75, 97A, N72, Cross Harbour Route No. 107, and Green Minibus Route Nos. 59 and 59A) will be diverted via Heung Yip Road eastbound, U-turn, and return to Heung Yip Road westbound for journeys to Nam Long Shan Road southbound.

  Appropriate traffic signs will be provided on site to guide motorists. The public transport operators will display notices to advise passengers of the above arrangements.