Transport Department Notice

Temporary Closure of Fanling Highway Northbound (Fanling direction),
Tai Po and North District

        Notice is hereby given that to facilitate the road works on Fanling Highway, the following temporary traffic and transport arrangements will be implemented during the periods as specified below.

(I)   Road closure

The following road sections will be temporarily closed:

1.  10 and 11 June 2020 (from 1.00 am to 5.30 am)

(a)  The section of Fanling Highway northbound from its junction with Tolo Highway to its junction with the slip road leading from Hong Lok Yuen Road.

(b)  Three traffic lanes of Fanling Highway northbound from its junction with the slip road from Hong Lok Yuen Road to a point about 50 metres north of its junction with Kau Lung Hang Vehicular Bridge.

(II)   Traffic diversion

During the road closure period, vehicles on Tolo Highway northbound or Tai Po Road - Tai Wo northbound heading for Fanling (including KMB route nos. 270A, 270S, 277E, 277X, 278X, W3, LWB route no. N42A, GMB route nos. 501S and 616S) will be diverted via Lam Kam Road Interchange, Tai Po Road – Tai Wo northbound, slip road and Fanling Highway northbound.

        Appropriate traffic aids will be erected on site. Motorists are advised to follow the instructions on site and drive in utmost care.

CHAN Mable Commissioner for Transport