Transport Department Notice

Extension of Temporary Traffic and Transport Arrangements
on Wan O Road, Tseung Kwan O

        Members of the public are advised that in order to facilitate noise barrier and road construction works, the following temporary traffic and transport arrangements will continue to be implemented in Tseung Kwan O from 6.00 p.m. on 30 September 2020 to 6.00 p.m. on 31 March 2021:

A.   Road Closure

The section of Wan O Road (including cycle track) between its junction with Wan Po Road to the roundabout of Wan O Road will continue to be temporarily closed to all vehicular traffic and bicycles.

B.   Traffic Diversions

Affected vehicles heading to Wan Po Road northbound via Wan Po Road southbound, Wan O Road westbound, roundabout and Wan O Road eastbound, including KMB Route Nos. 98B, 98S, 290X, N290, special departures of KMB Route No. 98D, NWFB Route Nos. 796P, 796R, 797, 798B, N796 and special departures of Citybus Route No. A29P, will continue to be diverted to travel via (i) Wan Po Road southbound, Chun Yat Street eastbound, Chun Sing Street southbound, roundabout, Chun Sing Street northbound, Chun Yat Street westbound and Wan Po Road northbound; or (ii) Wan Po Road southbound, Chun Yat Street southbound, Chun Cheong Street eastbound, roundabout, Chun Cheong Street westbound, Chun Yat Street northbound and Wan Po Road northbound. The en-route stops for the above-mentioned bus routes will remain not affected.

        Appropriate traffic signs have been provided on site to guide motorists and cyclists. Bus companies concerned have also displayed notices to notify passengers of the temporary arrangements.

LAW Shuk-pui, Rosanna Commissioner for Transport