Traffic Advice
Temporary Traffic and Transport Arrangements on Sam Mun Tsai Road, Tai Po

        Members of public are advised that to facilitate road works, the following temporary traffic and transport arrangements will be implemented on Sam Mun Tsai Road from 10.00 am on 1 April 2022 to 6.00 pm on 31 July 2022:

    1. Lane Conversion
      The section of Sam Mun Tsai Road near Tung Wah Group of Hospitals Shuen Wan Complex for the Elderly will be temporarily converted from two-lane two-way traffic into one-lane two-way traffic.

    2. Temporary Suspension of Bus Stops
      The bus stops for KMB Route No. 74K on Sam Mun Tsai Road (both bounds) near 111 Boulevard De Fontaine will be temporarily suspended.

        Appropriate traffic signs will be erected on site to guide motorists. Notices will be displayed by the public transport operator to inform passengers of the arrangement.