Traffic Arrangements at Yun Ping Road, Lan Fong Road,
Pak Sha Road, Kai Chiu Road and Lee Garden Road, Causeway Bay

        Motorists are advised that, to effectively improve the traffic conditions in Causeway Bay,
with effect from 00.00 am on 1 June 2022, the following special traffic arrangements will be implemented on the roads in the vicinity of Causeway Bay:

    1. Lee Garden Road (section between Kai Chiu Road and Pak Sha Road) will be converted from one-way southbound to one-way northbound during non-pedestrianisation period;
    2. All vehicles from Kai Chiu Road will be prohibited from making left turn onto Lee Garden Road during non-pedestrianisation period;
    3. All vehicles from Pak Sha Road will be allowed for making left turn onto Foo Ming Street or making right turn to Hennessy Road; and
    4. Part of the carriageway at the junction of Lee Garden Road and Russell Street will be narrowed and painted with hatched line.
        Appropriate traffic signs and road markings will be erected and painted respectively on site to guide motorists.