Traffic Advice
Temporary Traffic Arrangements at Lantau Link

        Motorists are advised that in order to facilitate road maintenance works, the following temporary traffic arrangements will be implemented at Lantau Link from 9.00 pm to 6.00 am of the following day on 12 August 2022:

    1. Parts of the traffic lane of the slip road leading from Lantau Link to Cheung Tsing Highway (Kowloon bound) near Tsing Yi Administration Building will be closed to all vehicular traffic; and
    2. The speed limit of the section of Lantau Link (Kowloon bound) between Tsing Ma Bridge (near Tsing Yi Tower) and the slip road leading to Cheung Tsing Highway will be adjusted temporarily to 50 km/hour.

        Motorists are advised to drive with care and patience when approaching the above road sections. Appropriate traffic signs will be provided on site to guide motorists.