Traffic Advice
Temporary Closure of Cycle Track and Relocation of Bicycle Parking Spaces
on Wu King Road, Tuen Mun

     Members of the public are advised that in order to facilitate construction works, the following temporary closure of cycle track and relocation of bicycle parking spaces will be implemented from 7.00 am on 6 June 2024 to 7.00 pm on 31 July 2024:-

  1. Cycle Track Closure
    The section of cycle track on Wu King Road southbound between Siu Hei Shopping Centre and Tuen Mun Wu Hong Police Quarters will be temporarily closed.

    During the closure of the cycle track, cyclists are required to dismount upon reaching the above mentioned location.

  2. Bicycle Parking Spaces Relocation
    The bicycle parking spaces on Wu King Road southbound outside Siu Hei Shopping Centre will be temporarily relocated about 290 metres northward to Wu King Road southbound near Tuen Mun Wu Hong Police Quarters.

     Appropriate traffic signs will be erected on site to guide cyclists and pedestrians.