The Traffic Control Centre (TCC) provides accommodation for the Area Traffic Control Centre (ATCC), the Emergency Transport Co-ordination Centre (ETCC) and the Traffic Control & Surveillance Control Centre (TCSSC).

TCC is manned by TD's staff to monitor the traffic and transport situation. ATCC will monitor and adjust on-street traffic signals timing in real time having regard to the traffic conditions, particularly to alleviate traffic congestion arising from major traffic incidents. ETCC will disseminate real-time traffic and public transport news, and coordinate actions and responses of public transport and tunnel operators and other government departments in emergency situation and during major events which have significant traffic implications, to ensure smooth traffic flow and adequate public relief measures. TCSSC operates the Traffic Control and Surveillance Systems installed at strategic roads and bridges which have no on-site control centres to help monitor and control traffic according to road conditions.

The Traffic Control Centre