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Trial of Auxiliary Devices to Enhance Pedestrians' Safety at Road Crossings

1.   Introduction

With the penetration of handheld smart devices, pedestrians using signalised crossings are more prone to pay more concentrations on their mobile devices with their heads nodding downwards, and less attention to the traffic signals. To draw pedestrians' awareness of the traffic signal and upkeep safety at the crossings, we have launched a trial by installing auxiliary devices to remind pedestrians not to cross the road when the "red man" is lit.


2.   Components of the auxiliary device

(i) LED light module
(ii) Extension arm from traffic signal pole for mounting

3.   LED light module

The module projects red light onto the pedestrian waiting area of a crossing when the "red man" is lit. The red light reflects from the ground or mobile device could serve to remind the pedestrians regarding the "red man" of the traffic signal, in particular when their heads are nodding down looking at the mobile devices.

4.   Extension arm

The arm extends horizontally from the traffic signal pole and mounts the LED light module at its far end. It serves to provide better coverage of red light onto the pedestrian waiting area.

5.   Characteristics (How it works)


6. Trial locations

The following locations have been selected to install the auxiliary devices for trial. Upon completion of the trial, we will review the device's effectiveness and consider the way forward.


Site features

Number of crossings

Percival Street / Foo Ming Street Shopping malls, restaurants, MTR stations and tram stops nearby 1
Tsuen Wan Market Street (near Yan Chai Hospital) Shopping malls, restaurants, hospitals and markets nearby 1

Sha Tin Centre Street (near Sha Tin Central Bus Terminus)

Shopping malls, bus terminals, schools and residential areas nearby


Waterloo Road / Hereford Road

Schools, university and residential areas nearby