The Chief Executive in Council has decided to grant a new ten-year franchise commencing on 1 July 2023 to Citybus Limited covering the bus routes operated under (i) Citybus Limited (Franchise for the Hong Kong Island and cross-harbour bus network) and (ii) the franchise of New World First Bus Services Limited in past.

As at 1 July 2023, Citybus Limited operated 235 bus routes, including 100 Hong Kong Island routes, 28 Kowloon and New Territories routes, 76 cross-harbour routes and 31 routes to North Lantau / Airport and had about 1,530 licensed buses; fares for Hong Kong Island routes range from $3.2 to $15.7, for Kowloon and New Territories routes range from $4.3 to $18.9, for cross-harbour routes range from $11.4 to $41.8 and for North Lantau and Airport routes range from $3.1 to $60.7.


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