Toll Waiver for Lantau Link

Since midnight on 27 December 2020, the tolls of Lantau Link have been waived. Motorists can directly drive through the Lantau Toll Plaza without stopping and paying tolls (please refer to relevant section below for the arrangement of entering Ma Wan). The Tuen Mun-Chek Lap Kok Link Northern Connection has also been opened to traffic on the same day.

Driving Arrangements

Lantau Toll Plaza

Ma Wan Toll Plaza

As vehicles entering Ma Wan are still subject to restriction of prohibited zone after implementation of toll waiver, the kiosks and gates at Ma Wan Toll Plaza are retained. Motorists still need to stop at the gate of Ma Wan Toll Plaza for checking of prohibited zone permit by the staff of Tsing Ma Control Area Operator when entering Ma Wan. For leaving Ma Wan, motorists can drive directly through Ma Wan Toll Plaza.

Remark: The Lantau Link Toll Waiver specifically refers to the repealing of provisions relating to the imposition and collection of Tolls, Surcharges and Administration Fees under the Tsing Ma Control Area (Tolls, Fees and Charges) Regulation so that no such toll, surcharge or administration fee will be payable in relation to the use of the Lantau Link from midnight on 27 December 2020. Meanwhile, fees and charges such as Escort Fees, Permit Fees and Removal Fees will continue to apply.


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