Except for user of "iAM Smart+" or a valid digital certificate or applicant with renewal password issued by the Transport Department (only applicable to renewal of full driving licence) which provides function of digital signing with legal backing, applicant must provide original signature for application submitted over the counter, by post or through drop-in box (i.e. printed signature is not accepted).

The queue ticketing system for driving licensing-related services will be implemented at the four Licensing Offices of the Transport Department starting from 13 March 2024 (Please click here for details). For driving licensing services and driving test applications processing over the counter, if no prior appointment has been made online or by phone, applicants are required to obtain a same-day queue ticket on-site before using the counter services.

For application submitted by post/ via drop-in box, please do not submit your original identity document.

Form Number Title Downloadable FormPDF document icon
TD 63A Application for Direct Issue of Hong Kong Full Driving Licence (671KB)*
TD 557 Application for New Issue, Renewal & Addition of Full Driving Licence & Driving Instructor's Licence (788 KB)*
TD 51 Application for International Driving Permit (Note: Applicants must hold Hong Kong Identity Card) (679 KB)*
TD 555 Application for Learner's Driving Licence (Private Car, Light Goods Vehicle, Motor Cycle & Motor Tricycle) (571 KB)
TD 556 Application for Learner's Driving Licence (Commercial Vehicles) (1,034 KB)*
TD 106 Application for a Duplicate Driving Licence / Driving Instructor's Licence (559 KB)
TD 256 Medical Examination Certificate (for applicants aged 70 or above) (602 KB)
TD 320 Application for a Certificate of Driving Licence Particulars (740 KB)
TD 181 Application for Issue / Extension of Temporary Driving Licence (506 KB)*
TD 559 Notice of Change of Personal Particulars or Vehicle Particulars (Note: Including change of address) (1,675 KB)*
TD 590 Application for New Issue, Renewal & Addition of Probationary Driving Licence (857 KB)*

* E-fillable forms (Please use the latest version of Adobe Reader to download and fill in the relevant forms)