Form Number Title Downloadable FormPDF document icon
TD 63A Application for Direct Issue of Full HK Driving Licence  (839 KB)*
TD 557 Application for First Issue, Renewal and Addition of Full Driving Licence & Driving Instructor's Licence  (788 KB)*
TD 51 Application for International Driving Permit (Note: Applicants should be a holder of Hong Kong Identity Card)     (679 KB)*
TD 555 Application for Learner's Driving Licence (Private Car, Light Goods Vehicle, Motor Cycle & Motor Tricycle)  (1,122 KB)
TD 556 Application for Learner's Driving Licence -- Commercial Vehicles  (1,034 KB)*
TD 106 Application for a Duplicate Driving Licence / Driving Instructor's Licence  (559 KB)
TD 256 Medical Examination for an Applicant of 70 years of age or more for a full or Learner D/L  (602 KB)
TD 320 Application for a Certificate of Driving Licence Particulars  (740 KB)
TD 181 Application for Issue/Extension of Temporary D/L  (506 KB)*
TD 559 Notice of Change of Personal Particulars or Vehicle Particulars (Note: Including change of address)  (1,675 KB)*
TD 590 Application for New Issue, Renewal and Addition Probationary Driving Licence  (857 KB)*

* E-fillable forms (Please use the latest version of Adobe Reader to download and fill in the relevant forms)

For application submitted by post/ via drop-in box, please do not submit your original identity document.