Form Number Title Downloadable Form
TD 22 Application for Registration and Licensing of a Vehicle (Please note that this application form downloaded from Internet is for reference only. If users want to use this form, please make a double-sided photocopy. One-side copy will not be accepted.) PDF (723 KB) *
TD 129 Application to Transfer or Retain a Vehicle Registration Mark PDF (595 KB) *
TD 148 Application for Assigning a Registration Mark to a Vehicle already Registered in Hong Kong PDF (585 KB) *
TD 151 Application for a Duplicate Vehicle Registration Document/ Duplicate Vehicle Licence PDF (432 KB) *
TD 184 Notification for Cancellation of Vehicle Registration PDF (298 KB)
TD 318 Application for a Certificate of Particulars of Vehicle (Please use the latest version of the form starting from 30 October 2019) PDF (852 KB) *
TD 469 Declaration of Fitting of Accessories to and/ or Obtaining of Taxable Warranties for a Registered Motor Vehicle within 6 months after First Registration PDF (329 KB)
TD 469A Application for Deduction of Value of Replaced Accessory (Accompany with TD469 Application) PDF (351 KB)
TD 558 Application for Renewal of Vehicle Licence PDF (722 KB) *
TD 559 Notice of Change of Personal Particulars or Vehicle Particulars (Note: Including change of address) PDF (935 KB) *

* E-fillable forms (Please use the latest version of Adobe Reader to download and fill in the relevant forms)