Requirements of providing "E-contact Means"

To facilitate the implementation of Free Flow Tolling System, with effect from 1 November 2021, applicants are required to provide either a Hong Kong mobile phone number or an email address as "E-contact Means". TD will not process the applications if "E-contact Means" is not provided. For details, please click here.


Form Number Title Downloadable Form
TD 22 Application for Registration and Licensing of a Vehicle (Please note that this application form downloaded from Internet is for reference only. If users want to use this form, please make a double-sided photocopy. One-side copy will not be accepted.) PDF (723 KB) *
TD 129 Application to Transfer or Retain a Vehicle Registration Mark PDF (595 KB) *
TD 148 Application for Assigning a Registration Mark to a Vehicle already Registered in Hong Kong PDF (585 KB) *
TD 151 Application for a Duplicate Vehicle Registration Document/ Duplicate Vehicle Licence PDF (432 KB) *
TD 184 Notification for Cancellation of Vehicle Registration PDF (298 KB) *
TD 318 Application for a Certificate of Particulars of Vehicle (Please use the latest version of the form starting from 30 October 2019) PDF (852 KB) *
TD 469 Declaration of Fitting of Accessories to and/ or Obtaining of Taxable Warranties for a Registered Motor Vehicle within 6 months after First Registration PDF (329 KB) *
TD 469A Application for Deduction of Value of Replaced Accessory (Accompany with TD469 Application) PDF (351 KB) *
TD 558 Application for Renewal of Vehicle Licence PDF (722 KB) *
TD 559 Notice of Change of Personal Particulars or Vehicle Particulars (Note: Including change of address) PDF (935 KB) *

* E-fillable forms (Please use the latest version of Adobe Reader to download and fill in the relevant forms)

Except for users of "iAM Smart+" or a valid digital certificate which provides function of digital signing with legal backing, applicant must provide original signature for application submitted in person, by post or through drop-in box (i.e. printed signature is not accepted).