Transport Department - Facility at Pedestrian Crossings

Facility at Pedestrian Crossings


What is the yellow box mounted at the elbow level of the pedestrian traffic signal pole ? What is the yellow box with a 'palm' symbol on the surface and a red display at the top?

     There are two types of the yellow box installed at the pedestrian traffic signal pole by Transport Department. The first type is a box printed with the words and figure of Aids for Visually Impaired Persons. It consists of a vibrating unit located at the bottom of the box for helping the visually impaired persons (VIP) to cross the road by means of different vibrating patterns to indicate the prevailing pedestrian signal states. This type is only to provide the status of pedestrian traffic signals. Pedestrian needs not press the device or its vibrating unit as the system will automatically render green man signal according to the schedule. The second type is a pedestrian pushbutton. The pushbutton includes a 'palm' symbol button on the surface of the yellow box and a red display at the upper part of the box. When the surface button is lightly pressed by the pedestrian (including VIP and non VIP),  a sound is generated and a message in red 'please wait' will be displayed which indicate that the red pedestrian signal will soon be changed to green for the waiting pedestrians to cross the road.  Most of the second type also consists of a vibrating unit for the use of VIP.

      For more details, please see Electronic Audible Traffic Signals.