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Audible Traffic
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for the Elderly and
the Disabled
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Adaptive Traffic
Signal System


1.  Introduction

The function of electronic audible traffic signals (eATS) is to provide indication to the visually impaired persons (VIPs) on the prevailing pedestrian signals.  The eATS currently installed on street is capable of responding automatically to the ambient noise level.  Its output is automatically higher under noisy environment and lower if the environment is quiet. The eATS can provide clear audio messages to the VIPs while minimizing the noise nuisance to the nearby residents.  The eATS is also equipped with a tactile unit which indicates the prevailing pedestrian signal states by means of different vibrating patterns.

Photo of Electronic audible traffic signals


2.  Components of eATS

The eATS consists of the following 3 different components :-

(i)    Audible unit; and
(ii)   Tactile unit or
(iii)  Tactile unit with pushbutton function


3. Audible Unit


4. Tactile Unit

Photo of Tactile Unit


5. Tactile unit with pushbutton function

 Photo of pushbutton   Photo of pushbutton


6. Using the pushbutton