Guiding Principles Grade-separated Crossings At-grade Pedestrian Crossings Electronic Audible Traffic Signal Smart Device
for the Elderly and
the Disabled
Pilot Real-time
Adaptive Traffic
Signal System
Devices to Enhance
Pedestrians' Safety at
Road Crossings


1.   Zebra crossings

marked with black and white stripes, road studs and zigzag lines on either side with yellow flashing beacon where pedestrians have the priority to cross the road.

Picture of zebra crossings


2.   Signal-controlled crossings (commonly known as "Green Man" crossings)

provided with traffic signals for pedestrians delineated by road studs and yellow striped markings.

Picture of signal-controlled crossings


3.   Uncontrolled cautionary crossings

normally indicated by dropped kerbs.

Picture of uncontrolled cautionary crossings


4.   Cautionary crossings at signal-controlled junctions

with traffic signals for drivers only and indicated by road studs.

Picture of cautionary crossings at signal-controlled junctions