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Since June 2019, the Transport Department (TD) has commenced a pilot project of implementing real-time adaptive traffic signal systems at five selected junctions (i.e. Junctions of Victoria Road/Sandy Bay Road, King Cho Road/Lim Cho Street, Yen Chow Street/Cheung Sha Wan Road, Castle Peak Road/So Kwun Wat Road and Castle Peak Road/Ka Wo Li Hill Road). By installing radar sensors and thermal detectors at the signalised junctions to detect real-time traffic and pedestrian volume, the allocation of green time could be optimised, thereby reducing congestion and unnecessary delay.

We completed the installation of the systems and started testing in March 2021. The systems are running smoothly with satisfactory results and a noticeable improvement in the efficient use of road space by vehicles and pedestrians.

TD is now selecting suitable signalised junctions for further implementation. At the same time, TD is in the progress of implementing an area-wide real-time adaptive traffic signal system to cover multiple linked signalised junctions in Tung Chung town centre.

Radar sensorRadar sensorRadar sensor

Radar sensor

Thermal detector  Thermal detectorThermal detector

Thermal Detector