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The Transport Department (TD) has commissioned the "Pilot Real-time Adaptive Traffic Signal System". By applying sensing and analytic technologies, real-time traffic flow data at a junction will be collected for the automatic adjustment of the most optimum green time. Following a detailed testing, TD will commence the site installation at five junctions from mid-2020 to 2021. Afterwards, TD will evaluate the effectiveness of the System and consider a wider roll-out to other junctions.

The system will involve installation of sensors on traffic light poles to collect real-time traffic and pedestrian flow data at a junction, including the vehicle queue length and the number of waiting pedestrians, such that the most optimised allocation of green times could be derived to reduce the waiting times of different road users.

Initially, this Pilot Project will adopt the radar and thermal detection technologies, followed by a review of their effectiveness.

Radar sensor   Radar sensor
Radar sensor    
Thermal detector   Thermal detector
Thermal detector    


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Pilot Real-time Adaptive Traffic Signal System