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It's an all-in-one mobile application integrating TD's 3 previous mobile applications ("HKeTransport", "HKeRouting" and "eTraffic News"). With an enhanced user interface, it facilitates faster and more convenient search for routes of different transportation mode, journey times and fares, and disseminates real-time traffic news to enable the users to plan for the most appropriate travel arrangements.
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HKeMobility Feature 1
(*includes Mass Transit Railway, Light Rail Transit, Franchised Bus, Residents' Service, Green Minibus, Ferry, Tram and Peak Tram, Cross Boundary Coach to Huanggang / Lok Ma Chau, Bus to Ma Wan and Discovery Bay)
HKeMobility Feature 2
Public Transport
- Base on number of interchanges, fares and estimated journey time to provide route choices
- Fare information included concession fare and interchange fare
*Provides public transport information, such as stop locations, fare tables, etc.
#Search for walking routes in urban areas with options to suit the visually impaired and the mobility impaired
Driving Information
- Point-to-point driving-route searching (shortest distance / shortest travel time / lowest toll)
- Provide driving-related information, including real-time parking vacancy information of some car parks, on-street parking space for various types of vehicles, no-stopping restrictions
- Provide real-time traffic information, including speed map panels, cross-harbour journey times, CCTV snapshots and traffic speed map information for pre-trip planning

HKeMobility Feature 6


About Traffic Information

It provides the latest traffic news and alerts on public transport service disruption, as well as notifications on planned traffic and transport arrangements. Users can plan their journeys in advance or switch to alternative routes.

Features of Traffic Information

1. Classification by incident nature, such as road incidents, heavy traffic, rail incidents, etc.
2. Options for users to receive alerts of different incident categories
3. To mute notifications when needed
4. Users can forward notifications to others
5. Alerts on special traffic arrangements and major road works are sent to users prior to the
    implementation dates

6. Scrolling text bar to draw attention to important messages

HKeMobility Feature 7


HKeMobility website ( provides one-stop service of point to point public transport, driving and walking route enquiry, real-time traffic condition and parking information for pre-trip planning.


Traveller Information Kiosk

For public and tourists who do not have access to the internet or mobile data can now also enjoy the transport information service through the "Traveller Information Kiosk".