Name List of Private Driving Instructors

The Transport Department will inform eligible candidates upon passing the Private Driving Instructors' Test to apply for adding their names in the Name List of Private Driving Instructors on a voluntary basis. The Name Lists will be updated from time to time as appropriate. For enquiry, please call Transport Department hotline at 2804 2600.


Issue of Private Driving Instructors' Licences

Application for Private Driving Instructors' Test (2014)
Present Progress (as at 14.05.2018)
Balloting Result
Group 1 (PDF 792KB) (Press release)
Group 2 (PDF 117KB) (Press release)
Group 3 (PDF 60KB)
Application Form and Guidance Notes for Applicants
Transport Department Notice (05.09.2014)
Press Release on Issue of Acknowledgement Letters and Details of Ballot (Group 1, Group 2 and Group 3)