Using crossing places

Crossing aids are often provided to help you cross busy roads -- if there is a crossing place nearby, use it even if you have to walk further to do so.

Your safety when using crossing places depends upon you following Steps 2 to 6 of the Road Crossing Code and using the crossing in the correct way. Follow the rules and advice given in this chapter. Only when using a footbridge or subway do you not need to follow Steps 2 to 6 of the Road Crossing Code.

Rules and advice on crossing places

Footbridges -- this page.
Subways -- this page.
Crossings controlled by a Police Officer or Traffic Warden -- this page.
Crossings controlled by a School Crossing Patrol -- this page.
'Zebra' crossings -- opposite page.
'Green man' crossings -- Page 16.
Crossing places at traffic light junctions -- pages 18 and 19.
Islands -- Page 10.

Footbridges and subways


Direction sign showing entrance to subway

Footbridges, pedestrian subways and elevated walkways are the safest places to cross busy roads as they keep pedestrians well away from the dangers of traffic. They are normally sited at very busy places where crossing the road would be particularly dangerous or difficult.

If you are unable to use a footbridge or subway because you cannot go up and down the steps, do not cross unless there is an alternative pedestrian crossing. Some footbridges and subways have ramps and escalators as well as steps.

You must not cross the road within 15 metres of a footbridge or pedestrian subway. You must use the footbridge or subway if you wish to cross.

Crossings controlled by authorised persons

The next safest place to cross is a crossing placefcontrolled by a Police Officer, a School Crossing Patrol or a Traffic Warden -- they know best when it is safe to cross. You must not cross until they signal that you may do so. You should walk in front of the Police Officer or Traffic Warden so as to be within his or her view. Keep looking and listening for traffic on all sides as you cross.

A School Crossing Patrol may direct any pedestrian when to cross the road; not just school children. You can recognize a Patrol by the special sign they carry to stop traffic.

School Crossing Patrol Signs
(being replaced by the new sign below )
School Crossing Patrol Signs
School Crossing Patrol Signs