At a roundabout, those approaching must give way to traffic already on the roundabout. Any exceptions to this rule are always clearly indicated by the traffic signs and road markings.

Never try to negotiate a roundabout unless you know

  • Which way you intend to go long before you reach the junction.
  • The arm signals that you give before and during the manoeuvre.
  • The exact line of travel or road position you should take throughout the manoeuvre.

Going straight ahead or turning right


You should approach on the left and stay on the left, during and after the manoeuver. Do not signal as you approach the roundabout. If you are turning right a signal is not required.

Keep to the outside of the roundabout paying particular attention to

  • Traffic on the right which may turn across your path as it leaves the roundabout.
  • Traffic which is entering the roundabout ahead of you. Stop, if in doubt, before crossing an entrance or exit road.

Signal left before you reach your exit road. But only after you have passed the exit road before your exit road.

Other traffic also approaches in the right-hand lane but it is safer for a cyclist to keep to the left side or the outside of the roundabout.

If in doubt get off and wheel your cycle along the pedestrians' route.

Turning left


You should approach in the left-hand lane signalling left as you get near the junction. Once on the roundabout, signal left again as you approach your exit road.