Road Sign

You must turn left at the entrance to a roundabout.

illustrationWhen entering a round-about, give way to any Traffic on your immediate right inside the roundabout unless road markings indicate otherwise; but keep moving if the way is clear. Do not enter a roundabout if you can see that your exit is blocked.

Give way to pedestrians crossing or waiting to cross.

Where there are two lanes at the entrance to a roundabout follow the path shown by the solid line, unless signs or road markings indicate otherwise. If safe to do so you may also follow the path shown by the broken line.

When there are more than two lanes at the entrance to a roundabout, use the clearest convenient lane on approach and through the roundabout which is suitable for the exit you intend to take.

When in a roundabout, look out for and show consideration to other vehicles crossing in front of you, especially those intending to leave by the next exit.

Look out for cyclists and motorcyclists and give them room. Look out for long vehicles which may have to take a different course, both on the approach to and in a roundabout.



Roundabout ahead

Road SignWarning sign



Road SignAdvance direction sign

One of these signs can usually be seen in advance of a roundabout.