Real-time Arrival Information System for Green Minibus

The real-time arrival information system ("the System") for green minibus (GMBs) is one of the new initiatives promulgated in the Chief Executive's 2018 Policy Address. To facilitate trip planning by GMB passengers, the Transport Department has installed location detection devices on some 3,300 GMBs in Hong Kong and developed a system which enables passengers to access the estimated time of arrival information of GMBs through the TD's mobile application "HKeMobility". The relevant data is also released in machine-readable format via "DATA.GOV.HK"to the public free of charge.  TD has released the real-time arrival information of GMBs in phases starting from late 2020. The implementation programme and the number of GMB routes covered is as follows:

Implementation Programme

For details of GMB routes covered, please refer to the attachment.

Details of using "HKeMobility" to check the estimated time of arrival of GMBs can be referred to the promotional video and the leaflet.