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Public Light Buses (PLBs) are minibuses with not more than 19 seats. Their number is fixed at a maximum of 4,350 vehicles. Some PLBs are used on scheduled services (green minibuses) and others on non-scheduled services (red minibuses).


Red Minibus

Red Minibuses (RMBs) are currently allowed to operate across the territory except restricted zones for RMBs, and their route, headway and fare are not subject to any regulation. There were 792 licenced RMBs in December 2023. As at December 2023, RMBs carried about 157,800# passengers daily.

Green Minibus

Green Minibuses (GMBs) operate on fixed routes with scheduled headway and fixed fares. In December 2023, there were 359 main routes (67 on Hong Kong Island, 82 in Kowloon and 210 in the New Territories), operating with a total of 3,317 licenced GMBs. As at December 2023, GMBs carried about 1,306,200# passengers daily.


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