Hong Kong Island Kowloon New Territories


The grouping of RS is based on the area of the residential development

Route No. Origin/ Destination
HR42 PDF (7KB) Lower Baguio Villa - Kennedy Town MTR Station (Circular) 
HR44 PDF (8KB) South Bay - Repulse Bay
HR45 PDF (9KB) Hong Kong Parkview - Central (Edinburgh Place)
HR46 PDF (8KB) Hong Kong Parkview - Wan Chai
HR48 PDF (8KB) Repulse Bay - Central (Circular)
HR50 PDF (8KB) South Bay - Central
HR53 PDF (9KB) Pacific View - Central (Connaught Place)
HR57 PDF (23KB) Redhill Peninsula - Stanley
HR58 PDF (19KB) Redhill Peninsula - Shau Kei Wan Station
HR59 PDF (34KB) Redhill Peninsula - Central
HR60 PDF (8KB) Repulse Bay Road - Causeway Bay (Lee Garden Road) (Circular)
HR78 PDF (20KB) Regalia Bay - Stanley Plaza
HR79 PDF (7KB) No. 33 Tai Tam Road (The Manhattan) - Central (Club Street)
HR82 PDF (8KB) Cyberport Road (Bel-Air on the Peak) - Sheung Wan (Shun Tak Centre) (Circular)
HR85 PDF (20KB) No. 129 Repulse Bay (The Lily) - Luk Kwok Hotel, Wan Chai (Circular)
HR87 PDF (14KB) Larvotto, Ap Lei Chau Praya Road - Connaught Place (Circular)
HR88 PDF (15KB) Scenic Villas - Connaught Road Central (Wing On House) (Circular)
HR89 PDF (7KB) The Carmina - Central (Jackson Road) (Circular)
HR90 PDF (6KB) Pacific View - Stanley
HR91 PDF (64KB) No. 101 Repulse Bay Road (Repulse Bay Apartments) - Ocean Park Station (Circular)
HR92 PDF (64KB) Hong Kong Parkview - Ocean Park Station
HR93 PDF (64KB) 8 Deep Water Bay Drive – Ocean Park Station (Circular)
Central & Western
HR49 PDF (8KB) Robinson Heights - Central (Circular)
HR54 PDF (6KB) Dynasty Court - Central (Edinburgh Place) (Circular)
HR55 PDF (6KB) Dynasty Court - Wan Chai (Circular)
HR56 PDF (7KB) The Grand Panorama - Central (Circular)
HR62 PDF (8KB) Conduit Road (Realty Garden) - Central (Admiralty)
HR64 PDF (8KB) Conduit Road (Imperial Court) - Admiralty (Drake Street) (Circular)
HR65 PDF (7KB) Seymour Road (Goldwin Heights)- Central (Edinburgh Place)  (Circular)
HR66 PDF (9KB) Tregunter Path (Branksome) - Central (Connaught Place) (Circular)
HR67 PDF (6KB) Old Peak Road (Hillsborough Court) - Central (Edinburgh Place) (Circular)
HR68 PDF (7KB) Old Peak Road (Garden Terrace) - Admiralty (Tamar Street) (Circular)
HR69 PDF (7KB) Magazine Gap Road (Harbourview) - Admiralty (Tamar Street) (Circular)
HR71 PDF (7KB) Old Peak Road (Tregunter) - Central (Edinburgh Place)  (Circular)
HR72 PDF (6KB) Old Peak Road (Tregunter) - Admiralty (Tamar Street) (Circular)
HR73 PDF (7KB) Conduit Road (Pearl Garden) - Admiralty (Circular)
HR75 PDF (7KB) Pokfield Road (University Heights) - Sheung Wan (Shun Tak Centre) (Circular)
HR76 PDF (6KB) May Road (The Mayfair) - Admiralty (Drake Street) (Circular)
HR77 PDF (7KB) May Road (Clovelly Court) - Central (Edinburgh Place) (Circular)
HR84 PDF (11KB) Plantation Road (Cloudlands) - Central (Ice House Street)
HR86 PDF (6KB) Conduit Road (Prosperous Height) - Central (Queen's Road Central)
HR51 PDF (8KB) Beverly Hill - Causeway Bay (Circular)
HR70 PDF (6KB) Kennedy Road (Bamboo Grove) - Central (Ice House Street) (Circular)
HR74 PDF (8KB) 150 Kennedy Road - Central (Edinburgh Place)

HR80 PDF (9KB) 

Pacific Palisades - North Point (Circular)
HR81 PDF (8KB) Pacific Palisades - Causeway Bay (Circular)