Hong Kong Island Kowloon New Territories


The grouping of RS is based on the area of the residential development

Route No. Origin/ Destination
DB00R PDF icon (10KB) Discovery Bay (within DB)
DB01R PDF icon (11KB) Discovery Bay - Tung Chung
DB02R PDF icon (22KB) Discovery Bay - Airport
DB03R PDF icon (11KB) Discovery Bay - Sunny Bay
DB04R PDF icon (20KB) Discovery Bay Marina Club - Discovery Bay DB Plaza Bus Terminus
DB06R PDF icon (20KB) Discovery Bay Recreation Club - Discovery Bay Club Siena
DB08R PDF icon (7KB) Discovery Bay - Central (Central Ferry Pier No.3)
NR04 PDF icon (20KB) Caribbean Coast - Tung Chung Station
NR05 PDF icon (127KB) Century Link – Tung Chung Station Bus Terminus (Circular)
NR06 PDF icon (128KB) The Visionary – Tung Chung Station Bus Terminus (Circular)
NR10 PDF icon (7KB) Wah Ming Estate - Central
NR13 PDF icon (23KB) Cheerful Park, Fanling - Sheung Shui Station
NR14 PDF icon (28KB) Green Park Villa (Fanling) - Sheung Shui Station
NR104 PDF icon (7KB) Tin Ping Estate (Sheung Shui) - Cheung Sha Wan
NR109 PDF icon (6KB) Woodland Crest, Sheung Shui - Sheung Shui Station
NR112 PDF icon (5KB) Dawning View, Fanling - Fung Ying Sin Koon (Circular)
NR115 PDF icon (6KB) Kwu Tung Road (Valais) - Yuen Long (On Shun Street)
NR116 PDF icon (6KB) The Green - Fanling Station
NR117 PDF icon (6KB) Eden Manor – Sheung Shui Station
Sai Kung
NR21 PDF icon (9KB) On Ning Garden - Fo Tan
NR24 PDF icon (45KB) Yan Ming Court - Tsuen Wan
NR25 PDF icon (45KB) Chung Ming Court - Tsuen Wan
NR26 PDF icon (10KB) King Ming Court - Tsim Sha Tsui
NR27 PDF icon (9KB) Yan Ming Court - Fo Tan
NR28 PDF icon (8KB) Hong Sing Garden - Tsim Sha Tsui
NR29 PDF icon (35KB) Sai Wan Village, Sai Kung - Sai Kung Town Hall
NR207 PDF icon (31KB) Floral Villa - Chan Man Street, Sai Kung
NR211 PDF icon (30KB) The Portofino, Clearwater Bay - Pui Shing Lane, Tseung Kwan O
NR214 PDF icon (12KB) Hillview Court, Sai Kung - Ping Shek Public Transport Interchange (Circular)
Tsuen Wan
NR35 PDF icon (6KB) Riviera Gardens - Kwun Tong
NR38 PDF icon (6KB) Riviera Gardens - Central / Admiralty
NR314 PDF icon (6KB) Sea Crest Villa (Tsuen Wan) - Tsim Sha Tsui
NR319 PDF icon (6KB) Hong Kong Garden - Tsuen Wan Station
NR320 PDF icon (6KB) Tsuen Wan Golden Villa - Tsuen Wan Market Street
NR322 PDF icon (6KB) Belvedere Garden (Phase I) -  Kowloon City Ferry Pier
NR323 PDF icon (6KB) Belvedere Garden (Phase III) -  Tsuen Wan Station
NR324 PDF icon (6KB) Hanley Villa - Tsuen Wan Station
NR326 PDF icon (6KB) Belvedere Garden (Phase II) - Tsuen Wan Station
NR327 PDF icon (6KB) Belvedere Garden (Phase I) - Tsuen Wan Station
NR328 PDF icon (6KB) Greenview Court - Tsuen Wan Station
NR329 PDF icon (6KB) Lido Garden - Tsuen Wan Station
NR330 PDF icon (8KB) Ma Wan (Tung Wan Bus Terminus) - Tsing Yi Station
NR331 PDF icon (6KB) Ma Wan (Pak Yan Road) - Tsuen Wan (Sai Lau Kok Road)
NR332 PDF icon (25KB) Ma Wan (Tung Wan Bus Terminus) - Kwai Fong (Metroplaza)
NR333 PDF icon (6KB) The Cairnhill to Tsuen Wan Station
NR334 PDF icon (208KB) Ma Wan (Tung Wan Bus Terminus) - Hong Kong International Airport
NR335 PDF icon (198KB) The Cliveden - Tsuen Wan Station (Circular)
NR336 PDF icon (24KB) Bellagio - Tsuen Wan Station
NR337 PDF icon (26KB) The Serenade Cove - Tsuen Wan Station
NR338 PDF icon (208KB) Ma Wan (Tung Wan Bus Terminus) - Central Ferry Piers (Pier 2)
NR339 PDF icon (25KB) Ocean Pointe - Tsuen Wan Station
NR340 PDF icon (8KB) Rhine Garden - Tsuen Wan Station
NR342 PDF icon (204KB) Allway Gardens - Kwun Tong
Kwai Tsing
NR41 PDF icon (6KB) Cheung Hong (Chung Mei Road) - Tsim Sha Tsui / Hung Hom Station
NR48 PDF icon (5KB) Mayfair Gardens (Tsing Yi) - Hung Hom Ferry Pier
NR49 PDF icon (60KB) Shek Lei Estate - Hung Hom Station
NR404 PDF icon (8KB) Lei Pui Street (Shek Lei Estate) - Kwun Tong
NR406 PDF icon (6KB) Villa Esplanada (Tsing Yi ) - Tak Hoi Street (Tsuen Wan ) (Circular)
NR411 PDF icon (34KB) Greenwood Villas (Lai Chi Kok) - Mei Foo (Circular)
NR412 PDF icon (6KB) Mount Haven - Tsing Yi Station (Circular)
NR413 PDF icon (8KB) Horizon Place (Kwai Luen Road) - Kwai Chung Plaza (Hing Ning Road)(Circular)
NR414 PDF icon (9KB) Greenknoll Court  - Kwai Chung Plaza (Hing Ning Road)(Circular)
Tai Po
NR50 PDF icon (29KB) Trackside Villas, Tai Po - Tai Po Market Station (Circular)
NR51 PDF icon (6KB) Hong Lok Yuen, Tai Po - Tai Po Market
NR52 PDF icon (6KB) Tai Yuen Estate, Tai Po - Kwun Tong
NR53 PDF icon (16KB) Tai Yuen Estate, Tai Po - Cheung Sha Wan
NR54 PDF icon (16KB) Fu Shin Estate, Tai Po - Cheung Sha Wan
NR59 PDF icon (52KB) Classical Gardens, Tai Po - Tai Po Market Station (Circular)
NR502 PDF icon (6KB) Savanna Garden, Tai Po - Tai Po Market Station (Circular)
NR503 PDF icon (13KB) Tai Po Garden - Tai Wo Station (Circular)
NR505 PDF icon (21KB) Chung Nga Court, Tai Po - Ngau Tau Kok
NR507 PDF icon (33KB) Lung King Villa, Tai Po - Central
NR508 PDF icon (6KB) The Paragon, Tai Po - Tai Po Market Station (Circular)
NR509 PDF icon (6KB) Forest Hill, Tai Po - Tai Po Market Station (Circular)
NR510 PDF icon (6KB) The Paramount, Tai Po - Tai Po Market Station (Circular)
NR511 PDF icon (6KB) Tycoon Place, Tai Po - Tai Po Market Station (Circular)
NR512 PDF icon (6KB) Deerhill Bay, Tai Po - Tai Po Market Station (Circular)
NR513 PDF icon (33KB) Richwood Park, Tai Po - Tai Po Market Station (Circular)
NR516 PDF icon (36KB) Grand Palisades, Tai Po - Tai Po Market Station (Circular)
NR517 PDF icon (6KB) Chateau Royale, Tai Po - Tai Po Market Station (Circular)
NR519 PDF icon (47KB) Casa Marina, Tai Po - Tai Po Market Station (Circular)
NR524 PDF icon (6KB) Symphony Bay, Tai Po - New Town Plaza, Shatin
NR527 PDF icon (23KB) Constellation Cove, Tai Po - Tai Po Market Station (Circular)
NR528 PDF icon (23KB) JC Castle, Tai Po - Tai Po Market Station (Circular)
NR529 PDF icon (12KB) The Beverly Hills Tai Po - Tai Po Market Station (Circular)
NR530 PDF icon (13KB) Providence Bay - Tai Po Market (Circular)
NR532 PDF icon (8KB) Tung Tsz Villa, Tai Po  - Tai Po Market Station (Circular)
NR533 PDF icon (8KB) Mont Vert, Tai Po  - Tai Wo Station (Circular)
NR534 PDF icon (8KB) Mayfair by the Sea  - Tai Po Market (Circular)
NR536 PDF icon (46KB) Parc Versailles II, Tai Po - Tai Wo Station (Circular)
NR537 PDF icon (47KB) Parc Versailles I, Tai Po - Tai Wo Station (Circular)
NR538 PDF icon (25KB) The Regent, Tai Po - Wan Tau Tong, Tai Po 
NR539 PDF icon (23KB) Villa Lucca, Tai Po - Tai Wo Station (Circular)
NR61 PDF icon (6KB) City One Shatin - Lam Tin
NR83 PDF icon (7KB) Kwong Yuen Estate, Sha Tin - Central (Connaught Road Central)
NR84 PDF icon (6KB) Ma On Shan Tsuen - Ma On Shan Station
NR88 PDF icon (25KB) City One Shatin - Central
NR806 PDF icon (6KB) Kwun Yam Garden - Ying Fung Lane, Wong Tai Sin
NR809 PDF icon (6KB) Pristine Villa, Shatin - Tai Wai Station
NR810 PDF icon (6KB) Parc Royale, Shatin - Kowloon Tong Station
NR811 PDF icon (7KB) Kwong Yuen Estate, Sha Tin - Causeway Bay
NR812 PDF icon (6KB) Pictorial Garden Phase 3, Sha Tin - Yuen Wo Road
NR815 PDF icon (6KB) Royal Ascot, Fo Tan - New Town Plaza, Sha Tin
NR817 PDF icon (307KB) Lakeview Garden - Tai Wai Station
NR818 PDF icon (6KB) Golden Time Villas, Sha Tin - Tai Wai Station
NR819 PDF icon (122KB) Granville Garden, Sha Tin - Tai Wai Station
NR820 PDF icon (6KB) Sha Tin Heights, Tai Po Road - Tai Wai Station
NR822 PDF icon (7KB) Vista Paradiso, Ma On Shan - University Station (Circular)
NR823 PDF icon (7KB) Vista Paradiso, Ma On Shan - Diamond Hill Station (Circular)
NR824 PDF icon (7KB) Vista Paradiso, Ma On Shan - Bayshore Towers, Ma On Shan (Circular)
NR826 PDF icon (10KB) Villa Athena, Ma On Shan - Pai Tau Street, Sha Tin (Circular)
NR829 PDF icon (9KB) Castello, Sha Tin - New Town Plaza (Phase 1), Sha Tin
NR831 PDF icon (8KB) Monte Vista, Ma On Shan - University Station
NR832 PDF icon (10KB) Baycrest, Ma On Shan - University Station / On Chun Street (Circular)
NR833 PDF icon (6KB) Julimount Garden, Tai Wai - Tai Wai Station
NR834 PDF icon (6KB) University Residence Nos. 10 and 11 of The Chinese University of Hong Kong - University Station
NR835 PDF icon (9KB) La Costa - University Station (Circular)
NR837 PDF icon (25KB) Peak One, Sha Tin - Sha Tin Central (Circular)
NR838 PDF icon (9KB) Monte Vista, Ma On Shan - Sheung Yuen Street, Diamond Hill
NR839 PDF icon (8KB) Dragons Range - Tai Wai Station (Circular)
NR840 PDF icon (224KB) The Met. Acappella - Tai Wai Station
NR841 PDF icon (79KB) St. Michael - City One Station (Circular)
NR842 PDF icon (266KB) Mount Arcadia - Tai Wai Station
NR843 PDF icon (242 KB) El Futuro - Fo Tan Station (Circular)
Tuen Mun
NR76 PDF icon (7KB) Tai Hing Estate, Tuen Mun - San Po Kong
NR79 PDF icon (6KB) Chi Lok Fa Yuen - Hung Hom Station
NR700 PDF icon (9KB) Shan King Estate - Hung Hom Station
NR706 PDF icon (22KB) On Ting Estate - Wan Chai
NR707 PDF icon (22KB) Tai Hing Gardens - Hung Hom Station
NR709 PDF icon (9KB) Sam Shing Estate - Wan Chai
NR710 PDF icon (22KB) Shan King Estate - Wan Chai
NR711 PDF icon (8KB) Siu Lun Court - Wan Chai
NR714 PDF icon (9KB) Yuet Wu Villa - Hung Hom Station
NR715 PDF icon (7KB) Tsim Sha Tsui East to Siu Shan Court
NR716 PDF icon (8KB) Greenland Garden - Wan Chai / Central
NR718 PDF icon (6KB) Handsome Court - Wan Chai
NR719 PDF icon (9KB) Blosson Garden - Wan Chai
NR720 PDF icon (9KB) Siu Lun Court - Hung Hom Ferry Pier
NR721 PDF icon (8KB) Marina Garden - Tsim Sha Tsui / Cheung Sha Wan
NR723 PDF icon (48KB) Tin King Estate - Admiralty / Central
NR725 PDF icon (11KB) Tsui Ning Garden - Kwun Tong Ferry Pier
NR726 PDF icon (22KB) Tsui Ning Garden - Causeway Bay 
NR727 PDF icon (8KB) Yuet Wu Villa - Wan Chai
NR729 PDF icon (45KB) Tai Hing Estate - Admiralty / Wan Chai
NR731 PDF icon (8KB) Tai Hing Garden  - Wan Chai
NR733 PDF icon (9KB) Yuet Wu Villa - Kwun Tong
NR740 PDF icon (8KB) Sun Tuen Mun Centre - Tsim Sha Tsui East
NR741 PDF icon (10KB) Sun Tuen Mun Centre - Wan Chai
NR743 PDF icon (23KB) Cheung Sha Wan to Goodrich Garden
NR745 PDF icon (8KB) Siu Shan Court - Kwun Tong
NR747 PDF icon (123KB) Wu King Estate - Fo Tan
NR748 PDF icon (8KB) Tai Hing Garden - Kwun Tong
NR749 PDF icon (7KB) Hong Tak Gardens - Kwun Tong
NR750 PDF icon (8KB) Hanford Garden - Hung Hom Ferry Pier
NR754 PDF icon (8KB) Lung Mun Oasis to Tsing Yi Station
NR758 PDF icon (7KB) Grand Pacific Views / Grand Pacific Heights, Tuen Mun - Tsuen Wan Station (Circular)
NR759 PDF icon (9KB) Villa Pinada - Siu Hong Station / Tuen Mun Town Centre (Circular)
NR760 PDF icon (9KB) Pearl Island Garden, Tuen Mun - Gold Coast / Tsing Hoi Circuit (Circular)
NR761 PDF icon (6KB) Aqua Blue, Tuen Mun - Tsuen Wan Station (Circular)
NR762 PDF icon (6KB) The Sherwood - Siu Hong Station (Circular)
NR762A PDF icon (6KB) The Sherwood - Tuen Mun Town Centre (Circular)
NR763 PDF icon (6KB) Parkland Villas - Tuen Mun Town Centre (Circular)
NR764 PDF icon (22KB) Botania Villa - Tuen Mun Station Public Transport Interchange
NR765 PDF icon (6KB) Avignon - Tsuen Wan Station (Circular)
NR766 PDF icon (23KB) Gold Coast - Hong Kong International Airport
NR767 PDF icon (22KB) Gold Coast - Tsuen Wan West Station
NR768 PDF icon (21KB) Gold Coast - Olympic Station
NR769 PDF icon (22KB) Grand Pacific Views/Grand Pacific Heights, Tuen Mun - Kowloon Station
NR770 PDF icon (136KB) The Bloomsway – Tuen Mun Station Public Transport Interchange (Circular)
NR771 PDF icon (138KB) NAPA – Tuen Mun Station Public Transport Interchange (Circular)
NR772 PDF icon (15KB) The Carmel– Tuen Mun Station Public Transport Interchange (Circular)
Yuen Long
NR91PDF icon (37KB) Fairview Park, Yuen Long - Wan Chai
NR92 PDF icon (29KB) Fairview Park, Yuen Long - Tsuen Wan
NR93 PDF icon (26KB) Fairview Park, Yuen Long - On Shun Street, Yuen Long
NR94 PDF icon (19KB) Fairview Park, Yuen Long - Sheung Shui Station
NR906 PDF icon (22KB) Kingswood Villas (Maywood Court) - Kwun Tong
NR913 PDF icon (22KB) Palm Springs, Yuen Long - Sheung Shui Station
NR914 PDF icon (17KB) Palm Springs, Yuen Long - Yuen Long Station (Circular)
NR915 PDF icon (6KB) Palm Springs, Yuen Long - Wan Chai
NR917 PDF icon (24KB) Fan Kam Road, Yuen Long - Wan Chai
NR918 PDF icon (24KB) Lam Kam Road - Wan Chai
NR922 PDF icon (24KB) Man Fung Building, Yuen Long - Central/ Wan Chai
NR923 PDF icon (21KB) Royal Palms, Yuen Long - Sheung Shui Station
NR924 PDF icon (17KB) Royal Palms, Yuen Long - Long Lok Road, Yuen Long
NR928 PDF icon (7KB) Man Fung Building,Yuen Long - Kwun Tong
NR935 PDF icon (6KB) Hung Shui Kiu, Yuen Long - Quarry Bay
NR936 PDF icon (31KB) Fairview Park, Yuen Long - Hung Hom Station
NR940 PDF icon (6KB) Ha Tsuen, Yuen Long - Sau Fu Street, Yuen Long
NR941 PDF icon (14KB) Ha Pak Nai - Yuen Long Tung Tai Street
NR945 PDF icon (17KB) Yick Fat / Tai Hang Buildings, Yuen Long - North Point
NR948 PDF icon (132KB) Fairview Park, Yuen Long - Tsing Yi Station
NR949 PDF icon (6KB) Parkside Villa, Yuen Long - On Shun Street, Yuen Long
NR950 PDF icon (6KB) Park Royale, Yuen Long - On Shun Street, Yuen Long
NR951 PDF icon (6KB) Scenic Garden, Yuen Long - On Shun Street, Yuen Long
NR954 PDF icon (6KB) Kenswood Court, Kingswood Villas - Tin Shui Wai Station
NR955 PDF icon (6KB) Lynwood Court, Kingswood Villas - Tin Shui Wai Station
NR956 PDF icon (6KB) Maywood Court, Kingswood Villas - Tin Shui Wai Station
NR957 PDF icon (6KB) Lam Hau Tsuen, Yuen Long - Sai Ching Street, Yuen Long
NR958 PDF icon (446KB) Meadowlands - Yuen Long
NR960 PDF icon (195KB) The Scenicwoods - Kam Sheung Road Station
NR960A PDF icon (195KB) The Scenicwoods - Yuen Long Tai Cheung Street (Circular)
NR962 PDF icon(22KB) Sereno Verde - Yuen Long Town (Circular)
NR963 PDF icon(7KB) The Vineyard - Sun Yuen Long Centre
NR964  PDF icon (20KB) La Grove - Sun Yuen Long Centre (Circular)
NR965 PDF icon (331KB) Grand Del Sol - Yoho Mall II (Circular) *Printable Version
NR966 PDF icon (14KB) Villa Premiere - Yuen Long Plaza (Circular)
NR967 PDF icon (7KB) Emerald Green - Sai Ching Street (Circular)
NR968 PDF icon (7KB) Seasons Monarch - Tai Lam Tunnel Bus-bus Interchange (Circular)
NR969 PDF icon (8KB) The Reach - Sun Yuen Long Centre (Circular)
NR971 PDF icon (10KB) Park Signature – Ma Wang Road (Circular)
NR972 PDF icon (125KB) Residence 88 – YOHO MALL II
NR974 PDF icon (14KB) Ting Fook Villas, Yuen Long - Ma Wang Road (Circular)
NR975 PDF icon (194KB) The Reach Summit - Yuen Long Station (Circular)