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Section 6Vehicle Parking

Vehicle Parking

As at end 2019, there were about 34,575 designated on-street parking spaces in the territory, with parking meters provided at about 18,000 of these parking spaces. All the parking meters were operated with the Octopus card.

The TD operated 11 multi-storey car parks providing a total of about 4,700 parking spaces for private cars / vans and about 720 parking spaces for motorcycles. In addition, the TD operated an open-air Wong Tai Sin Public Transport Terminus Car Park, which provided 25 parking spaces for coaches. Since 1 August 2018, the TD implemented a Park-and-Ride scheme at the Po Shek Wu Estate Public Car Park near MTR Sheung Shui Station and offered concessionary parking fee for motorists interchanging for railway.

The metered parking spaces and the above-mentioned car parks were managed by three contractors selected through public tenders.

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