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Public Light Buses (PLBs) are minibuses with not more than 16 seats. Their number is fixed at a maximum of 4,350 vehicles. Some PLBs are used on scheduled services (green minibuses) and others on non-scheduled services (red minibuses).

Red minibuses are free to operate anywhere, except where special prohibitions apply, without control over routes or fares. There are 1,215 red minibuses in November 2014. In year 2013, RMBs carried about 352,000 passengers daily.




Green minibuses (GMBs) operate on fixed routes at fixed fares. In November 2014, there were 69 GMB routes on Hong Kong Island, 80 in Kowloon and 195 in the New Territories, employing a total of 3,135 vehicles. In year 2013, GMBs carried about 1,512,000 passengers daily.


Public Light Bus New Regulations