Driving Test Matters
  Expand/Collapse 1. What is the waiting time for driving test?
  Expand/Collapse 2. I would like to plan for my written test. What is the next written test date that can be allotted?
  Expand/Collapse 3. Where are the Driving Test Centres in the Hong Kong Island Region, and the Kowloon and New Territories Region?
  Expand/Collapse 4. Can I change my test vehicle from automatic transmission to manual transmission for driving test of the same vehicle type?
  Expand/Collapse 5. If I hold a driving licence of a certain vehicle type with the restriction to drive vehicles fitted with automatic transmission only, or I have passed part of a driving test with a vehicle fitted with automatic transmission, can I drive a test vehicle fitted with manual transmission to take the driving test of the same vehicle type again?
  Expand/Collapse 6. Would my driving test be cancelled in case of bad weather conditions?
  Expand/Collapse 7. If my learner's driving licence is lost, do I need to apply for a duplicate?
  Expand/Collapse 8. If I lose my driving test appointment letter, what can I do?
  Expand/Collapse 9. If I have questions about the driving test appointment matters, what can I do?
  Expand/Collapse 10. Can I check the wrongly answered questions of my written test?
  Expand/Collapse 11. If I would like to enquire or complain against my driving test results, what can I do?
  Expand/Collapse 12. If a candidate is unable to report to driving test centre on time, can he/she apply to have the test conducted on the same day?
  Apply for Driving Licence
  Expand/Collapse 13. I have just passed my driving test. What do I need to do to apply for a driving licence?
  Expand/Collapse 14. When can I apply for a probationary / full driving licence after passing the driving test?
  Expand/Collapse 15. What is the validity period of the results of the Written Test (Part A), Taxi Written Test and the road test of various vehicle types?
  Apply for Re-taking Driving Test
  Expand/Collapse 16. If a candidate fails or does not attend his / her driving test, what is the earliest date to re-apply for a driving test?
  Expand/Collapse 17. How to apply for a repeater early test appointment?
  Apply for Driving Test Postponement, Temporary Cancellation, Change of Test Region and Change of Vehicle Type
  Expand/Collapse 18. Could I postpone my driving test?
  Expand/Collapse 19. What are the application procedures for postponement? Which documents should be submitted?
  Expand/Collapse 20. What should I know if I choose to submit my driving test postponement application by post or via the Hong Kong Licencing Office?
  Expand/Collapse 21. How would I be allotted with a new test date subsequent to the acceptance of my driving test postponement application?
  Expand/Collapse 22. If I wish to postpone my test to a date after the end-of-list appointment date or cancel the test appointment temporarily only without being allotted with a new test appointment, what should I do?
  Expand/Collapse 23. Can I change the test region for my driving test?
  Expand/Collapse 24. Can I change the vehicle type of my road test?
  Expand/Collapse 25. If the new appointment date of my driving test is beyond the expiry date of my test form after I apply for postponement / temporary cancellation / change of test region / change of vehicle type, what can I do?
  Learner Driving Matters
  Expand/Collapse 26. What are the alternatives to learn driving? Besides, what should a learner driver be aware while he / she is going to learn driving?
  Expand/Collapse 27. If the appointment date of my driving test is beyond the expiry date of my learner driving licence, do I need to apply for a new learner driving licence?