Transport Department - Renewal of Full Driving Licence

According to the law, a driving licence shall not be renewed after 3 years of expiry. Should a driving licence holder fail to renew his full driving licence within 3 years after the expiry date, he will need to take driving test again and to complete the probationary driving period before obtaining a full driving licence for private car, light goods vehicle, motor cycle or motor tricycle. Furthermore, the licence holder will only be eligible for applying for commercial driving licence 2 years after obtaining his full driving licence of private car or light goods vehicle. To remind driving licence holders to renew their licences in time, the Transport Department will send them a "Full Driving Licence Renewal Notice cum Application Form" (TD578) printed with a renewal password before the expiry of the licences. Another reminder (TD601) will be sent to licence holders whose licences are about to expire for three years shortly and yet to be renewed. Driving licence can be renewed within 4 months before the expiry date or within 3 years after the licence has expired. Driving licence holders with expired driving licences are not allowed to drive.

Application for renewal can be made using either the "Full Driving Licence Renewal Notice cum Application Form" (TD578), and its reminder (TD601) or the application form for "Application for New Issue, Renewal and Addition Full Driving Licence & Driving Instructor's Licence" (TD557) through the following means:

(a) by post to P.O. Box 68115, Kowloon East Post Office. Underpaid mail items will be rejected. For proper delivery of your mail items to the department, please ensure your mail items bear sufficient postage with return address. (Details); or 
(b) drop boxes in any of the Transport Department Licensing Offices or specified post offices located in 18 districts of Hong Kong PDF (*Printable Version) (no postage is needed); or
(c) in person/by agent over the counters of the Transport Department Licensing Offices, perferably making advanced appointment through Transport Department's Appointment Booking Service either by phone (tel: 3763 8080) or through Internet.

Alternatively, renewal can be made online. Apart from the use of digital certificates, licence holders can also use the 8-digit Renewal Password printed on the TD578 or TD601, together with the number of their identity document registered with Transport Department, to authenticate their identity.  If you have not received the renewal password before or have lost it, you may obtain a new password by submitting an application PDF (*Printable Version) to the Transport Department

The validity period of full driving licence and the appropriate fee for renewal of full driving licence can be referred by clicking this link.