Coming Auction(s)

Any sudden change to the scheduled auction date(s) will be announced through Information Services Department by press release as soon as possible. Interested bidders are advised to browse the latest press release(s) issued at HKSARG's website (see the link appended below) before proceeding to the auction venue.

HKSAR's Press Release [Note: You will need to click the Archives/Yesterday's Press Releases at the bottom of that webpage for the press release(s) not issued that day.]

Traditional Vehicle Registration Mark

Traditional vehicle registration marks may be obtained through sale by auction since 1973. You can attend any auction organised by the Transport Department from time to time and bid for the marks you like. You may also apply to reserve any unassigned traditional vehicle registration marks for auction.

A traditional vehicle registration mark that may be applied for auction shall consist only of not more than four numerals; or two letters as its prefix followed by not more than four numerals. The allocation and sale of traditional vehicle registration marks in Hong Kong are governed under Regulations 9 -14 of the Road Traffic (Registration and Licensing of Vehicles) Regulations, Cap. 374 Sub. Leg. E.


Personalized Vehicle Registration Mark

To provide more choices of vehicle registration marks to vehicle owners, the Government introduced a Personalized Vehicle Registration Marks Scheme in 2006. Under the Scheme, a vehicle owner can choose his/her preferred vehicle registration mark, apply to the Transport Department and use it upon approval following a bidding exercise.

A personalized vehicle registration mark shall consist of not more than eight letters (except letters "I", "O" and "Q"); not more than eight numerals; or any combination of letters (except letters "I", "O" and "Q") and numerals the total of which shall not exceed eight. The applications for and allocation of personalized vehicle registration mark are subject to Regulations 12A – 12R of the Road Traffic (Registration and Licensing of Vehicles) Regulations, Cap. 374 Sub. Leg. E. The relevant web pages aim to introduce what a personalized vehicle registration mark is, the business process from submission of application to auction of personalized vehicle registration mark and the points to note for applicants. In the case of inconsistency, the Regulations shall prevail.