This annual Transport Digest contains a range of statistical and other information on traffic and transport related matters handled by the Transport Department for the year of 2000.

Listed in this Digest also are a number of transport connected committees, associations and organisations.

For a descriptive account of Hong Kong's transport policy and administration, readers are advised to refer to Chapter 14 of "Hong Kong 2000" published by the Information Services Department.


Contents PDF (293KB)

Section 1

Transport Infrastructure Maps PDF (2.13MB)

Section 2

Transport Administration PDF (846KB) 

Section 3

Registration and Licensing of Vehicles and Drivers PDF (1.90MB) 

Section 4

Road Tunnels and Toll Roads PDF (1.41MB) 

Section 5

Public Transport PDF (1.97MB) 

Section 6

Vehicle Parking PDF (438KB)

Section 7

Traffic Accidents  PDF (579KB)

Section 8

Concern Over Environment  PDF (322KB)

Section 9 

Directory of Hong Kong Transport PDF (2.70MB)