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Section 5Public Transport

New World First Bus Services Limited

Group of RoutesNumber of routes operatedFares ($)
(as at 31.12.2019)
Hong Kong Island473.4 – 12.3
Kowloon Urban and N.T.133.6-15.6
Cross Harbour338.8 – 35.2

Vehicles (registered as at 31 December 2019)

Configuration / class / (code)Passenger CapacityNumber
i) Rear-engined double-deck three-axle air-conditioned buses
Dennis Trident 12 metre1315
Dennis Trident 10.3 metre1052
Dennis Trident E500 11.3 metre11840
Volvo Super Olympian 12 metre12910
Neoplan Centroliner 12 metre1268
Dennis Trident E500 12 metre124/12983
Dennis Trident E500MMC 11.3 metre124/12552
Dennis Trident Enviro500H 12 metre1231
Dennis Trident E500MMC 12 metre136/137256
Dennis Trident E500MMC 12.8 metre146110
Volvo B9TL 11.3 metre12630
Volvo B9TL 12 metre13625
MAN A95 ND323F 12.8 metre1431
Volvo B8L 12 metre1393
ii) Rear-engined single-deck two-axle air-conditioned buses
Dennis E200MMC 10.7 metre665
YOUNGMAN JNP6120GR 11.6 metre718
iii) Electric Motor single-deck two axle air-conditioned buses
BYD K9 Electric 11.6 metre682
Great Dragon Electric Bus 11.6 metre642
iv) Rear-engined double-deck two-axle air-conditioned buses
Dennis Trident Enviro400-LH 10.4 metre89/9060

Vehicle kilometres operated

 2018('000)2019('000)% Change
Hong Kong Island19,16018,833-1.7
Kowloon Urban and N.T.5,1765,424+4.8
Cross Harbour17,03616,519-3.0

Passengers carried

 2018('000)2019('000)% Change
Hong Kong Island90,65189,882-0.8
Kowloon Urban and N.T.17,52919,004+8.4
Cross Harbour58,24658,279+0.1

The New World First Bus Services Limited commenced operations on 1 September 1998.

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