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Section 7Traffic Accidents

Major Contributory Factors of Road Traffic Accidents in 2019

Contributory Factor
Contributory Factor - DriverNo. of Drivers
Driving inattentively3,592
Driving too close to vehicle in front2,659
Lost control of vehicle1,818
Careless lane changing1,642
Turning right/left negligently786
Contributory Factor - Casualty (Driver, Passenger or Pedestrian)No. of Casualties
Passenger lost balance, elsewhere except on stairway721
Pedestrian inattentiveness577
Passenger lost balance on stairway191
Crossing road heedless of traffic (at crossing)141
In road, not crossing (jay walking)95
Contributory Factor - VehiclesNo. of Vehicles
Unidentified vehicle (hit-and-run)136
Mechanical defect18
Inadequate or no lights6
Defective load: apparent overloading3
Defective or illegal tyre3
Contributory Factor - Accident EnvironmentNo. of Accidents
Object or animal in road152
Slippery road (not related to weather)120
Pedestrian negligence118
Defective traffic signal47
Slippery road (caused by weather)42

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