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You have to produce the original or a copy of your proof of address issued within the last three months when submitting a licensing application. In accordance with the relevant legislation, the Transport Department may suspend processing the application in the absence of address proof. Details of acceptable address proof can be referred to the following link.

Please click and access the following services provided by the Licensing Section of Transport Department :

a) Licences and Permits
b) Fee and Charges of Licences and Permits
c) Auction of Vehicle Registration Marks
d) Personalized Vehicle Registration Marks Scheme
e)  Driving-Offence Points System
f) Tax Incentives for Environment-friendly Commercial Vehicles 
g) Download of TD Forms


By phone: (852) 2804 2600 (24 hours hotline)
By email: licensing@td.gov.hk
Fax: 2804 2592
By post/ by person:

Licensing Offices
(Please click here to view the service hours and addresses.) 

Driving Offence Point Office
3/F United Centre,
95 Queensway, Hong Kong. /
M/F Low Block
Queensway Government Offices, Hong Kong  
Vehicle Inspection & Records Unit/
Driving Licence Records Office
3/F United Centre,
95 Queensway, Hong Kong.
Cross Boundary Unit
Rm 1032 10/F Harbour Building,
38 Pier Road, Hong Kong.
Public Vehicles Unit
3/F United Centre,
95 Queensway, Hong Kong.

Vehicle Registration Marks Unit
Rm 506 - 508, 5/F, Harcourt House,
39 Gloucester Road, Wan Chai, Hong Kong.