Transport Department - Vehicle Licensing & Registration

  1. What are the procedures of importing a car for personal use? Which Government department is responsible for the assessment of vehicle taxable value? How is the payable first registration tax for vehicles calculated?
  2. My vehicle licence is due to expire soon. What do I need to do?
  3. Is additional fee payable if I submit the application for renewal of vehicle licence after the expiry of previous licence? If so, how is such additional fee calculated?
  4. Why applicants are required to pay "Traffic Accident Victims Assistance Fund Levy" for the application for a vehicle licence?
  5. Is production of authorized letter required if my application for vehicle licence is submitted by my agent?
  6. The registration of my vehicle is cancelled because its vehicle licence has been expired over 2 years, what should I do if I wish to apply for a new vehicle licence?
  7. I wish to surrender the vehicle licence and apply for a refund of a portion of the licence fee paid, how is the refund amount calculated?
  8. I have lost my vehicle licence. How do I get a duplicate?
  9. I have lost my vehicle registration document. How do I get a duplicate?
  10. My car has been lost/stolen. Can I apply for a refund of vehicle licence fee for the unexpired period of the vehicle licence?
  11. Can the registered owner notify Transport Department to cancel the registration of his vehicle if it has been stolen?
  12. What are the procedures of cancelling the registration of vehicle and retaining registration mark after the vehicle is permanently despatched out of Hong Kong or scrapped?
  13. How should the field "selling price of the vehicle" / "price of purchase of the vehicle" on the "Notice of Transfer of Ownership of a Vehicle (Except Taxi)" (form TD 25) be filled in?
  14. If I have moved to a new address, how can I notify the Transport Department?