Requirement of Proof of Address


Requirements for Obtaining a Driving Licence
1.1  Private Car, Light Goods Vehicle, Motor Cycle and Motor Tricycle
1.2  Commercial Vehicles (i.e. Medium and Heavy Goods Vehicle, Taxi, Private and Public Light Buses, Private and Public Buses)
1.3  Articulated Vehicle
1.4  Special Purpose Vehicle
1.5  Additional Requirement for Applicants Aged 70 or Above

Procedures for Obtaining a Full Driving Licence with Driving Test
2.1  Flow Chart for Obtaining a Full Driving Licence
2.2  Apply for a Learner's Driving Licence
2.3  Make a Driving Test Appointment
2.4  Take a Driving Test
2.5  Apply for a Probationary Driving Licence (For Motor Cycle, Motor Tricycle, Private Car or Light Goods Vehicle)
2.6  Apply for a Full Driving Licence
2.7 Apply for a Full Driving Licence with Commercial Vehicle Class(es)

Driving in Hong Kong for Overseas Driving Licence Holders
3.1  Apply for a Full Driving Licence by Direct Issue without Test
3.2  Apply for a Temporary Driving Licence

General Information on Driving Licence
4.1  Renewal of Driving Licence
4.2  Validity Period of Driving Licence
4.3  Cancellation of Driving Licence
4.4  Disqualification
4.5  Notice of Change of Personal Particulars
4.6  Duplicate Driving Licence
4.7  Concessions to Disabled Drivers
4.8  Traffic Accident Victims Assistance Scheme
4.9  Driving Abroad with International Driving Permit
4.10  How to Obtain Application Forms
4.11  Submission of Application
4.12  Enquiries

Appendix A Requirements for Physical Fitness for Driving
Appendix B Probationary Driving Licence Scheme for Motor Cycles, Motor Tricycles, Private Cars and Light Goods Vehicles
Appendix C List of Approved Countries or Places for Direct Issue of Hong Kong Full Driving Licence
Appendix D Address of Licensing Offices and Driving Test Appointment Office