Chapter 1 Introduction
Chapter 2 Ad Hoc Quotas for Cross Boundary Private Cars
Chapter 3 Eligibility for Application
Chapter 4 Application Procedures
Chapter 5 Important Notes for Applicants
Chapter 6 Use of Closed Road Permits
Chapter 7 Advice to Motorists
Chapter 8 Frequently Asked Questions
Appendix Checklist on application procedures and documents on board

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Important Notice


Information contained in this Application Guide is for reference only. You may visit the Transport Department's website for the latest version. Whilst the Transport Department has endeavoured to ensure that the information contained in this guidebook is accurate, no guarantee is given as to its accuracy. The Government of the HKSAR and the Transport Department accept no legal liability for any errors or omissions found in the contents.

Collection and Use of Data

Personal data provided to the Transport Department by the applicants and designated drivers for joining the Scheme may need to be disclosed to relevant authorities of both Guangdong Province and the HKSAR, including the Public Security Department of Guangdong Province and other policy bureaux and departments of the Government of the HKSAR. Please read carefully the "Notes about Personal Data" on the application form or on-line application system before making an application.

Mail items with insufficient postage

Underpaid mail items will be rejected. For proper delivery of your mail items to the department, please ensure your mail items bear sufficient postage with return address. (Details)