Important Notice: To enhance the security and fairness of the Repeater Early Test Appointment Booking Services (RETAS) System for driving tests, from 30 May 2022, candidates who access the Repeater Early Test Appointment Online Booking Service system to make reservation of repeater early test appointment must first authenticate their personal identity by using "iAM Smart" or a valid e-Cert (Personal). For details, please refer to "What's new".

Please note that, the number of available repeater early test slots mainly depends on the vacant test slots released by other candidates subsequent to their postponement / temporary cancellation of driving test applications. Given the outbreak of pandemic recently, the department has rescheduled test appointments for candidates affected by suspension of driving test services by making use of these vacant test slots. Hence, the number of vacant test slots will be significantly reduced in the short term. If you are unable to make a successful reservation for a repeater early test after several attempts, you may consider applying for an end-of-list test appointment.

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